How to sell your house using social media

by Housesimple on 23rd August 2017

Social media plays a major role in our daily lives and is currently making its mark on the housing market too. Popular networks like Facebook and Instagram are always coming up with new ways to share, creating exciting opportunities for sellers to market their homes. 

Here's how to use social media to attract new viewers – and maybe even land a brilliant offer.

Conduct virtual viewings on Facebook Live

Facebook's live streaming feature makes it easy to show your home virtually, increasing the pool of potential buyers. House hunters might not be able to attend viewings in person if they have busy schedules or live far away. has already launched a Facebook Live trial, with our customer Shanty Helim from Reinham the first to give it ago. She gave a Facebook Live home tour on our page, taking offers through the Messenger app. Her house (valued between £470,000-£475,000) was sold back in June.

Show off on Instagram

Visual social networks like Instagram are great for showing off your property's best features. Use close-up shots to highlight your home's unique details, whether it's historic cornicing and fireplaces or contemporary hardwood floors. 

Write a description underneath each photograph explaining that the property is for sale and include a link to your online listing in your bio. Use real estate hashtags like #DreamHome and #HouseHunting to attract viewers. Hashtags based on your city and neighbourhood will also catch the eye of people interested in the local area.

Sharing is caring

The average Brit doesn't move far – most of us live just 63 miles away from our first property. This means that your friends and their networks are likely to know your future buyer, so don't be scared to ask them to share. 

Post your property listing on Facebook, and make sure you change the privacy setting to 'public' so that your friends can send the details on to any house hunters that they know. LinkedIn is another good place to write about your home. You may attract people who are planning to relocate to your area for work. 

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