How to protect your house from burglars

by Housesimple on 20th October 2015

Wannabe homeowners have a number of resources to check crime rates in a given area, and it would be terrible if your house sale were to fall through purely based on previous raids from burglars. There are a number of ways of dissuading criminals from attacking your property – here are several suggestions.

Motion sensor

A set of motion sensor outdoor lights can cost as little as £20, so it really is a no-brainer. Make them as big and bold as you can so that intruders are aware of their presence. Motion sensors allied with cameras are a powerful combination, in that anyone entering your premises will know that they will be simultaneously lit up and recorded.


These turn on when night falls, giving the illusion that someone is present in the house if you do happen to be out. They’re especially useful for holidays, in that they don’t really have to be set up before you depart.

Get a dog, and signpost the fact

It doesn’t really matter what breed, as even Chihuahuas have got a little nip on them. Place a picture of a Rottweiler or Bull Mastiff near to the sign, and make sure the signs can clearly be seen at the front and rear of the property. Get the sign put up even if you don’t actually get the dog.

Set up a camera…

…and again signpost the fact that you’ve done so. It doesn’t even need to be real,

but for the sake of £100 why not actually set up a real camera, preferably one with night vision? Make sure it can be seen from the road and your driveway, and intermittently change the direction, so that anyone who has identified your home as a target knows the cameras are being monitored.


It sounds a bit excessive, but if your area has been blighted with crime then individual padlocks might be a wise idea for vulnerable doors and windows such as those in conservatories. Even a child protection lock for stopping babies getting into cupboards could prevent a flustered burglar from opening a cupboard or cabinet.

Check locks periodically

This writer knew of a friend who would leave and enter her home via the back door every day, simply because it was closer to her car. On one occasion, for no specific reason, she left by the front door and it was unlocked. It wasn’t until later, after talking to her husband, that she realised her front door had probably been left unlocked for a fortnight without either realising. Therefore, check windows and doors (including sheds) regularly.

Leave on radio/TV, or fake it

This table compiled by gives a rough idea of the cost of leaving an appliance on overnight - 0.018pence an hour. You might feel uncomfortable with wasting 18p to leave your TV on for ten hours a night, and it isn’t great from an environmental viewpoint. Therefore, consider fake TV LED lights that simulate the glow of a television to any watching eyes.

Join neighbourhood watch

A final tip; work in numbers. If several neighbours each install these security measures and maintain vigilance a burglar will surely have second thoughts and move on. 

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