How to prepare for a house move

by Housesimple on 5th April 2017

You've got the keys in your hand and are all ready to start your new life in your brand new property. However, it's not exactly all plain sailing from here. Moving house can prove to be a bit exhausting, with recent research carried out by the Royal Mail suggesting that Brits now travel an average of 26 miles – the same distance as a marathon – when moving home.  To help get you ready for your marathon move, we've put together some of our top tips to train you for the big day.


Get in the professionals

Most experienced movers agree that, even if it helps you save a good few quid along the way, it's better to use a removals company than to go DiY. Just consider how much stuff you’ve actually got. Then imagine having to pick it all up, carry it down (then maybe up again) the stairs and pack it into a rented van and hoping it all fits. Consider also having to do that over and over again in a rush because you desperately want to return the van to the hire company’s office before it closes for the day. Opting for a reputable removals company with experienced workers will save you all of that stress. And because of that, it’s worth its weight in gold. 


Do a spring clean

We’re all guilty of hoarding to some degree. However, transporting largely unwanted possessions only helps to make a move feel more like a marathon. With this in mind, it's a good idea to schedule a date (at least a month before your move date) when you can attack every room in your current house with a concentrated de-cluttering exercise. This will take a lot longer than you think (forget the loft, shed and cupboard under the stairs at your peril) so be sure to devote at least a whole day to the task.


Mentally dress your new home

Once you've got rid of all of those bits and bobs that haven't seen the light of day for a few years, it's time to plan ahead. Before moving day, take some time to go through the floor plans and photos you have of your new property and decide where all of your furniture will go. This will also help you decide what will fit in with the size and décor of your new home, and what needs to go. By doing this far enough in advance of your moving day, you will leave yourself plenty of time to sell any ill-fitting items. The bit of extra cash you earn can then go towards hiring a removal van, or even just getting a few new plant pots and picture frames for your new home.

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