How to market your home to buyers with teenagers

by Housesimple on 10th August 2016

The key to a successful private house sale is knowing how to talk to different buyers. Families with teenagers will have different priorities than families with young children. If your viewers mention that they have one or two teens in tow, be sure to highlight the following features of your property.

Space for studying 

Teenagers need quiet spaces with a desk so they can get on with the dreaded exam revision. Point out places that fit the bill in your home. For example, a large second bedroom that has enough room for a desk and bookshelf. Or, a box room or sizable alcove in the living room that would work well as a study area.

Space for entertaining

Teenagers have a greater need for privacy, especially when entertaining their friends. If your property has large bedrooms or a big kitchen, point out how easily a small sofa could fit in the space. If a solution isn’t immediately obvious, think creatively. For example, if you have attic space, point out how easily this could be converted into a den.

Local top performing schools

Good schools are very important for families with teenagers. You can find out how well the secondary schools and sixth form colleges in your community are performing on the government's website. If your property is in the catchment area of an 'outstanding' or 'good' school, or if there are any notable institutions within short driving distance, do highlight this at viewings and in your property listing.

Driving schools

Learning to drive is a big part of teenage life. Check Yelp to find out how many driving schools there are in your location and how well-rated they are. You might also want to mention the benefits of learning to drive in your area. Quiet streets are great for practicing. Or, if you have a busy main road with lots of roundabouts nearby, this will prepare learners for their driving test.

Things to do 

Let parents know about fun activities and venues nearby, for example shopping malls, cinemas and bowling alleys, as well as social groups and sports clubs.

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