How to find houses for under £100,000

by Housesimple on 23rd August 2018

For many young people, the idea of getting on the housing ladder is incredibly daunting — and a quick browse can make you feel like everything on offer is out of your price range. But if you are willing to put in a bit of effort, you might be surprised at all of the exciting opportunities out there. There are some amazing chances to get on the property ladder at low prices — in fact, a lot of gorgeous proprieties come in at under £100,000.

If you want your first home or an interesting investment venture, you can start well below the 100 grand mark. From the Scottish countryside to urban retreat, it’s all an option if you look hard enough and set realistic expectations:


If you aren’t tied to a particular location then widening your search radius could open up a few more options for you. There are plenty of up and coming areas that might be worth investigating so not only can you grab a bargain but there is a good chance you’ll end up making a tidy profit.

Turn detective:

Don’t just rely on the major property portals like Rightmove and Zoopla, there are plenty of places to find a bargain. You’ll need to be a little savvy about where to search, but good places to start are local auction houses and private ads for your local area.

Think outside the box:

Lots of people are getting creative when it comes to living spaces. We’ve seen an increase in things like shipping container conversions, flat pack houses and micro homes in recent years. Even a static home can be turned into a dream pad if you are okay with the unconventional.

__Fixer-uppers: __

If you have the time and skills to take on a renovation, then there are lots to chose from, but you’ll need to be quick because seasoned developers will snap them up. A useful thing to remember though is that every property will have a ceiling price so if you are looking for a fixer upper it’s essential to investigate what’s selling locally and how much they are fetching so that you can plan your refurbishment costs to make sure you’ll still make a profit when you sell.

Pro tip, Make sure you factor in purchase costs to your budget so there are no nasty suprises.

If you’re serious about getting on the property ladder or finding an investment property for the first time, it can be done but it may take a little patience.

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