How to declutter your home for a viewing in 1 hour

by Housesimple on 4th March 2016

Tidy rooms allow house-hunters to clearly see the space and features that your home offers, helping them to visualise making it their own. However, there's no need to completely erase all evidence of day-to-day family life before viewings. In fact, a quick but effective de-cluttering session, which leaves your home looking lived-in but not messy, can take just one hour – here's how. 

Divide and store belongings 

Time limit: 20 minutes

Take a quick walk around your home, noting items in the living or dining area that are taking up floor or surface space. Then, organise these into three categories:

  • Keepers - Items that aren't needed day-to-day and can be stored until you move. 
  • Throwers - Items to be thrown out, recycled or donated to charity.
  • Undecided - Items you're unsure about. 

Avoid spending valuable time considering the last category – you can return to them when you’ve got spare time, or when you start packing. Dedicate a few boxes for these items, then store them out of sight in a cupboard, shed, garage or loft. 

Pay attention to bathrooms and kitchens

Time limit: 15 minutes

A good kitchen and bathroom are priorities for most buyers, so pay special attention to these rooms. Declutter all surfaces: gather up any loose items, for example bottles and makeup, and place them in your bathroom or kitchen storage units – or throw them out if they're no longer needed. Clean mirrors and work surfaces, and make sure all bins are emptied.

Organise loose papers

Time limit: 5 minutes

It's easy for a house to accumulate a mountain of mail, newspapers and magazines. Gather all your papers together and store them in one place – preferably out of sight in a filing cabinet or drawer. Smaller things, such as shopping lists and receipts, can be slipped into labelled envelopes.

Make the most of wardrobe space

Time limit: 15 minutes

Clothing hanging over the back of chairs or stuffed into drawers is likely to distract a buyer from the space on offer in your bedroom. To maximise your wardrobe space, fold and roll clothing for storage in shelves and use coat hangers to hang bags, belts and scarves that may have accumulated around the room. 

Don’t forget the front entrance

Time limit: 5 minutes

When selling your home, it’s important to make a good impression from the moment viewers arrive. Bulging coat hooks or a heap of shoes could get the viewing off to a shaky start – especially if viewers trip over them. Make the entrance feel uncluttered and spacious by temporarily relocating jackets and shoes to wardrobes out of sight. 

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