How to add a splash of colour to your home

by Housesimple on 23rd August 2017

Your idea of the perfect home is always evolving, whether it’s to fit your changing lifestyle and tastes or to keep up with contemporary trends. In fact, 55% of homeowners think their houses need updating a little. Chief among the tasks on their to-do lists is refreshing their properties' colour schemes. Here's how – and why – to get colourful at home. 

Add value

Giving your interiors a few inviting finishing touches, such as a fresh coat of paint, can have an immediate impact when it comes to selling your home. Even just a couple of touch-ups can help to increase your viewing requests and boost offer prices.

Use light colours on your walls to make a room feel more open and spacious but make sure you take some time to pick the right shade for your interiors. A US study found that using cool, clean hues like powder blue and soft grey in the bathroom actually raises average sale prices.

Go bold

Whether you’re looking to brighten your main residence or do up a stylish holiday rental, bold colours can really make a space stand out. Use tester pots to decide if your brave decision works in practice and only get started once you're confident it's the right call.

If you want to add a splash of colour without spending too much cash, you could opt for budget design alternatives like bright blankets, pom-poms and tapestries.

Stick to a theme

Colour matching is an essential part of a redecoration project. If you're trying to touch up a previous coat of paint, a slight misstep could turn into a complete interior makeover very quickly. Even world-renowned expert Patrick Baty, who has been a consultant for plenty of historical renovations, only charges £40 to match a colour, so it's a more accessible service than you might think.

Similarly, make sure you strike a balance when finding complementary colour tones for features like accent walls. Simple tools like a colour wheel can be really handy.

Give it a second coat

Of course, none of these tactics can really improve your property if the job's not done properly. Avoid rookie mistakes like skipping essential prep including scraping walls, filling cracks, applying painters' tape and using primer.

Don't skimp on your tools either. For example, masking tape isn't a substitute for painters' tape and cheap rollers or brushes can leave you with an uneven or bristle-scattered finish – not exactly dream property material.

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