Higher or Lower - Do you know your UK house prices?

by Housesimple on 2nd January 2020

We conducted research into UK houses prices to find out if Brits know how much they differ around the country.

Is a two-bedroom apartment in London higher in price or lower in price than a four-bedroom barn conversion in Barnsley? Will £60,000 get you a three-bedroom terraced house or a one-bedroom apartment in Liverpool? The survey found that only 1% of people who took it were able to get all of the answers right. Do you think you can do better?

Take our higher or lower quiz to test your knowledge on the UK house prices and read on to find out how our valuation tool can ensure you get the correct property price and also the full list of houses in the quiz.

Whether you're eager to sell your home or you are simply curious to know how much it is worth, Housesimple can provide you with a free, no-obligation house valuation.

About our house price valuations

Our house price valuations will give you an idea of how much your home is worth and how much you should receive when you sell. All you need to do is book your valuation with one of our Local Property Partners, and they'll give you an instant valuation for your property. At the visit they'll take a look around and gather all of the details about your home, they then check it against local property trends and land registry data.

Why do I need a house valuation?

From interest rates to economic growth, there are many factors that affect the value of your property and can cause it to fluctuate over time. Getting a professional house valuation is the best way to understand how the value of your home has changed since you bought it. At Housesimple, our expert price recommendations also consider Land Registry data as well as local property trends. This combination of data is designed to give you a highly accurate valuation of your property, so you can make a more informed decision about selling it.

What happens after my valuation?

Your Local Property Partner will talk to you about how we can sell your home for FREE and explain the next steps. Then, if you are ready to sell we will arrange to come back to take some professional photos and create your floorplan. It's that simple.

Properties featured in the Higher or Lower quiz:

Location Property details Link
Leeds 5 Bedroom Semi-Detached House https://www.housesimple.com/property/view/108689
Nottingham 3 Bedroom Detached House https://www.housesimple.com/property/view/119918
Manchester 1 Bedroom Apartment https://www.housesimple.com/property/view/124577
Newcastle 3 Bedroom Bungalow https://www.housesimple.com/property/view/113813
Birmingham 2 Bedroom Flat https://www.housesimple.com/property/view/105568
Chester 4 Bedroom Semi-Detached House https://www.housesimple.com/property/view/116213
Liverpool 2 Bedroom Apartment https://www.housesimple.com/property/view/115972
Doncaster 4 Bedroom End Of Terrace House https://www.housesimple.com/property/view/113497
York 2 Bedroom Semi-Detached House https://www.housesimple.com/property/view/119958
Harrogate 3 Bedroom Detached House https://www.housesimple.com/property/view/117278
Blackpool 7 Bedroom Semi-Detached House https://www.housesimple.com/property/view/115218
Hull 2 Bedroom Terraced House https://www.housesimple.com/property/view/124392
Blackburn 4 Bedroom Barn Conversion https://www.housesimple.com/property/view/121561
London central 2 bedroom penthouse https://www.housesimple.com/property/view/113821
Norwich 5 bedroom detached house https://www.housesimple.com/property/view/111503
Suffolk Sudbury 6 bedroom detached house https://www.housesimple.com/property/view/68835
Bradford 3 bedroom townhouse https://www.housesimple.com/property/view/124697
Doncaster 3 Bedroom Terraced House https://www.housesimple.com/property/view/118328
Leeds 1 bedroom flat https://www.housesimple.com/property/view/117601
Skelmersdale 3 Bedroom Semi-Detached https://www.housesimple.com/property/view/124191

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