Heritage sites and home values

by Housesimple on 13th September 2016

September is the month when many heritage sites around the country throw open their doors to the public for free. This provides people, young and old, with the opportunity to explore and discover England's hidden gems. If there are any historical attractions near the property you’re selling, they could be instrumental in attracting more interest.

Heritage open days

Heritage open days is an annual festival celebrating England’s rich history and culture, with over 5,000 events held across the country for one weekend each September.  It's the country's largest heritage festival and attracts over 3.5 million visitors.  While this year’s event has come and gone, its effects are likely to be long lasting as more and more people feel encouraged to take an interest in the history of their local area. The tools on the event’s website are very useful for identifying interesting local landmarks you may be unaware of, and can provide you with useful material to add oomph to your house sales pitch.

Selling your surroundings

Living close to a world heritage site can boost your property’s value by 27%, compared to the average UK home’s worth. There’s also growing evidence that proximity to new tourist attractions can increase property prices. Margate saw its house prices increase by 12.5% thanks in part to building the Dreamland theme park, while other areas in Kent are expecting boosts from the new Paramount Park.

Mentioning nearby landmarks in online adverts and at viewings is an effective way to appeal to prospective buyers. Remember: you're selling a lifestyle, not just a home. It will also help your location stand out: there may be little functional difference between, say, two villages in Hertfordshire, but if your village has a stately home, that may help tip opinions in your favour. 

No matter where you live, there’s bound to be interesting and important sites only a stone’s throw away. With HouseSimple.com, it’s even easier than ever to tailor your property description to attract buyers interested in local history and heritage.

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