Football's coming home

by Housesimple on 31st August 2016

The Premier League is back, but it's not just the players and managers who could be making big money deals this season. Just like Britain's top footie players, house prices around some football stadiums have been increasing in value over the past year. Let's look at the winners – and losers – in this game.

London on top

They might have finished the football Premier League in 13th place last season, but Watford FC have started the property premier league on top. Property values around their Vicarage Road stadium have risen the most since last August, with prices increasing by £19,519, or 6.2%, on average. Tottenham Hotspur placed second, with property prices rising by £12,158 (3.9%); West Ham came in third with an increase of £9,014 (2.8%).

A blow for the north

Property prices near football stadiums in the north of England weren't quite so robust, however. Sadly, Leicester City weren't able to replicate their Premier League win in the housing league table. House prices have dropped over the past year by £7,951 (0.4%) on average. The worst performance was seen in Manchester City, with property prices near the Etihad Stadium dropping by a whopping £7,076 (5.9%). Another poorly performing northern team was Stoke City; properties near their Britannia Stadium dropped by around £5,038 (4.1%).

Good news for **Scotland**

Heading north of the border (and away from the Premier League), the trend continues. Over the past ten years, property prices around Scotland's football stadiums have risen by £31,401 on average. Although properties near Scottish football grounds are still a third cheaper than the Scottish average, the Bank of Scotland is quick to point out that the 31.4% price increase over the past decade is a lot higher than the 20% rate seen across the rest of Scotland. This indicates that properties near stadiums such as Ibrox, Caledonian Stadium and Dens Park could be a worthwhile investment.

There's more to life than football, of course. If you're wondering "how to sell my house" but don't want to push the footie angle, take a look at our area guides. They have all the info buyers want to know about an area, from school performance and amenities to average property prices.

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