Foodie meccas: a recipe for selling your house

by Housesimple on 6th July 2016

Bake-offs making prime-time television, pop-ups becoming a roaring success and endless snaps of avocado on toast infiltrating Instagram: Britain is a nation obsessed with food. And that's not necessarily a bad thing! In fact, the foodie factor can give house prices a boost, so it's worth bearing this in mind when you're selling.

Here's what to focus on to encourage foodies to pop round for a viewing: 

Fresh food markets

In 2014, Lloyds found that properties in market towns commanded £25k more than their country counterparts. You don't necessarily need to live in Hertford or Chipping Norton to capitalise on this. If your area has a regular food market, mention it. Talk about how easy it is to get to (on foot or by public transport), how far away it is and what kind of things they sell – whether it's fruit and veg, posh nosh, or artisan street food.

Fine dining

Gaining a Michelin Star isn't just good news for a chef, it also does wonders for local house prices. 'Gourmet towns' tend to be sheltered from drops in the housing market, too; another big bonus if your local gets recognised by Michelin. As well as highlighting any starred restaurants nearby, also mention new destinations that are making a splash in the foodie press. Check local blogs for the latest scoop.

Outdoor venues

Street food has taken the country by storm. If it's arrived in your area, bring it up on your listing page. Mention food trucks, converted police boxes and stalls that make an appearance at your local market. If your area hosts outdoor food events (like Foodies Festival, which takes place in towns across the UK) mention those too.

Watering holes

A 2013 survey found that the ideal home should be within walking distance of a pub. Even if there isn't a short stroll to your local, it's still worth talking about the range of places to drink in the area. You get an extra foodie bonus for gastropubs, wine bars and places with an extensive list of craft beers and artisan gin.

When you sell your house online you should be highlighting the plus-points of living in your area. Think about all the different audiences who might be reading your listing. If you need help, our Area Guides have the information you need to write a stellar ad.

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