Extra bedrooms: what can you convert?

by Housesimple on 14th June 2016

Did you know an extra bedroom could boost your property value by around 10%? So, if you're planning to sell your home, converting your attic or box room into a well-presented additional bedroom could be a worthwhile investment. From bespoke beds to awkward areas, here’s all you need to know about increasing your room count.

What’s a bedroom? 

In the UK, there's no statutory definition of a bedroom. However, as a rule of thumb the space you want to convert should be big enough for a single bed with some free floor space left over. What’s more, the room should have at least one window for light and ventilation. 

Converting tricky spaces 

If a standard single bed won't fit into the space, you’ll need to arrange for one to be custom-made. Lots of independent companies offer bespoke bed frames, so you should contact a few in your area to find a quote that suits your budget. The hand-crafted, unique piece of furniture will make an interesting selling point. 

Make the most of the space 

Cabin beds are an excellent option for small bedrooms. This type of bed is raised off the floor like a top bunk with plenty of space underneath for a desk, a wardrobe, or a small seating area. This set-up is perfect for buyers with teenagers. While families with more than one child may like to see that a traditional bunk bed will fit into the room. 

Aim for multi-use 

It’s great news if your extra bedroom can offer more than just a place to sleep. If you can fit a futon, sofa bed or day bed alongside a desk and shelves, you can market the room as an office, too. This arrangement will be particularly attractive to young professionals. They'll be looking for a spare room for guests, but will appreciate the fact that the space can also be used for practical purposes. Working couples may be looking ahead to starting their own family, and so will be happy to have an area that can be easily converted into a nursery.

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