Concierge services: the latest trend in lifestyle living

by Housesimple on 12th October 2017

Everyone loves going to five-star hotels – after all, there's nothing quite like having every whim taken care of during your holiday. But what if you could take that level of service home with you? That's exactly what's happening in London, where there’s been a huge boom in hotel-style apartments. More were built in 2016 than in the past decade, and one of the huge selling points of these complexes is the concierge service.


What is a concierge?

A concierge is a bit like a personal assistant, although they work for everyone staying at the property. They're a common feature in luxury hotels and are becoming a major selling point in new apartment blocks such as London's South Bank Tower.


A good concierge is normally able to cater for many things you might need. This could mean getting you a reservation at an exclusive restaurant, or something more specific. If you're looking for a local babysitter or dog-walker, they might even be able to track one down for you.


How does a concierge improve your lifestyle?

As well as helping residents organise their own plans, they also manage everything to do with the apartment block. They take in deliveries, help out during emergencies, handle security and arrange cleaning. They can even have residents' cars cleaned, or feed pets while the owners are at work.


When did the trend take off?

The UK is a little bit behind the curve on the hotel-living trend: this type of apartment has already taken off in the USA, Asia and even continental Europe. At the moment the concierge lifestyle can mainly be found in London. However, smaller cities like Edinburgh and Manchester are set for new concierge developments in the years to come.


How much extra does it cost?

Apartments in concierge-serviced buildings don't come cheap. If your block is linked with an established hotel brand they can cost around 30% more on average. The concierge service is an essential for people who are cash rich, but time poor. 


The extra cost is worth it to have somebody on hand to research dinner plans or liaise with their PA to arrange Saturday morning golf sessions.

If you’re seeking a slice of the luxury lifestyle but don’t quite have the funds, you can always settle for decorating your home like a hotel. However, the daily room service might be a litter harder to come by.

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