Buyers Think Storage Is A Top Priority, So Here’s How To Make It Count

by Lea Emery on 25th February 2019

When you’re getting your house ready for sale — or looking for a new home to buy — there’s one major issue that doesn't always get enough attention. People can see beyond rugs, paint colours, even a bathroom in need of a facelift — but more and more, buyers are concerned with storage. In fact, a recent House Simple survey found that 82 per cent of buyers said that adequate storage was at least somewhat important to them — and 27 per cent of buyers said that it was their top priority. That means you can’t afford to skimp on the storage space. Potential buyers will know that adding storage to a property will cost them and that a lack of storage can make a home feel much smaller (especially once they get all of their clothes in there). So how can you make the most of your storage space and show your home in its best light? Here’s what you need to know.

  1. Show It Off

Having storage space is great — but attractive storage space will mean even more to buyers. Rubber tubs might seem great for storing kids’ toys, but they can definitely mess with the feel of an elegant, adult bedroom — so you may want to find somewhere new to put your sweaters. Storage trunkscan double as a design feature, plates and cups can be displayed and organised at the same time, giving a homey feel in a much more attractive package.

  1. Minimise And Streamline For Showing

One of the ways to show that your home has adequate storage is actually really simple — make it look like it has adequate storage. If your belongings look like they’re bursting out of every nook and cranny, potential buyers are going to assume that their things won't fit, either. Try to minimize or even rent out somewhere to put your non-essentials, to make sure that you’re showing your storage actually storing things. It doesn’t matter if your home is full of great potential space — if it looks overcrowded, buyers will remember that.

  1. Make It Intuitive

You may have come up with the perfect system of storing your belts under your bed or all of your spare toiletries in a basket in the second bedroom, but make sure that your storage space will make sense to everyone. We all fall into our own little patterns and habits, but you need buyers to imagine themselves living in the space. When in doubt, look through some storage ideas for any room that feels cluttered or quirky and see how you can make it more intuitive.

  1. Make Storage Accessible

This might seem obvious, but you’d be amazed at how many people forget this one key point. You may have a garden shed or a basement or even just a lot of generous closet space — but it’s been filled with random debris for years. You can point to a garden shed and tell a buyer how useful it will be, but to really sell it they need to be able to walk in and look around. Make sure that it’s easy to manoeuvre around your entire home — even the places you never use — so that everything feels accessible.

  1. Consider Cheap Upgrades

If your home simply doesn’t have a lot of storage space, you may want to consider a few cheap upgrades before showing buyers around. Built-in storage doesn’t have to cost a huge amount — and adding a built-in wardrobe or a bookcase may add a totally different feel to a room, all while easing potential buyers’ mind. And in a pinch, we all know that a Billy bookcase from Ikea can basically be a magic potion for adding storage on the cheap, if only so the buyer can imagine what it would look like. Although it’s an investment now, it will make sure that buyers who prioritise storage — like nearly 30 per cent of those we surveyed — won’t be put off.

It’s important not to underestimate how important storage is to a buyer, as the vast majority of them will consider the storage capabilities when looking at home and for many, it’s a top priority. Make sure that your storage is accessible, intuitive, and making it beautiful certainly doesn't hurt.

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