Best places for buying solo

by Housesimple on 23rd July 2018

Getting on the property ladder for the first time is tough for almost everyone, but there’s no denying that it can be more of a challenge if you’re single and looking for solo ownership; but if you’re buying solo, there are plenty of ways get on the first rung of that ladder. If you’ve managed to save a decent deposit then there will be plenty of doors open to you but if putting cash down is a bit of an issue then there are help to buy and shared ownership schemes available. But — as it always is with property, the key is location, location, location.

The housing crisis is leading to young people exploring new areas around the UK, especially those places with more affordable property prices — so it’s an exciting time to be thinking outside the box. You can find communities full of other young people getting on the housing ladder for the first time — or you can strike out on your own. Big cities or rolling countryside, sea-sides or cliff-facing, old favorites or new opportunities, there’s just so much to choose from. Here’s where you should consider looking at a single, first-time buyer, because you are definitely not alone. 



With the London exodus for first-time buyers in full swing, Bristol, again and again, is the destination of choice. Right on the River Avon, full of summer festivals and events, the city is known for its welcoming vibe and its penchant for independent shops. It’s a favorite for good reason.



If you still balk at Bristol’s prices, don’t worry — Sheffield offers an even more affordable option that still gives you the lovely amenities of a city. Many ex-Londoners are tipping it as the next big thing — and with the gorgeous Peak District at your doorstep, the largest theatre district outside of London, and plenty of galleries and restaurants, it’s easy to see why.



If you want easy links to the capital while being able to feel like you’re in a totally different world, then Margate is an affordable, up-and-coming option. A vibrant arts scene right on the water, you can check out the Turner Contemporary Gallery or wander along the beach. It’s a real breath of fresh air and, with all the changes coming, a great opportunity for the single, first-time buyer. But if that’s not your style, wander down the road to the continental Ramsgate, which has all the same charm with a slightly different flair. 



If you love the Sussex countryside, you might want to consider Crawley — one of the most popular places for first-time buyers in the UK. In fact, nearly eight percent of the sales are to first-time buyers. Close to Brighton and Hove, Crawley has a thriving art scene and a truly friendly feel.



This little town may have plenty of quaint charm, but Folkstone is also brimming with change. Their Creative Quarter has 100 different artistic endeavors all in one place — or potter up to The Leas where the stunning view allows you to see all the way to France. It’s definitely up-and-coming, but the prices don’t show that yet.


Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes may not be the most glamorous place on the list, but it’s actually one of the first-time buyer hotspots in the UK — so expect plenty of young people along with new and exciting developments. There’s also plenty of theatres, an International Festival every summer, and tons of open spaces that seem to always be bustling.



Edinburgh actually came at out as the best city in the world for cash-strapped millennials, so it had to make the list. The famous Edinburgh Fringe Festival needs no introduction, but there is so much on offer outside of August as well. Visit Arthur’s Seat, run by the sea, or just explore the hills of restaurant and shops for hours. It’s a cosmopolitan city with a local feel, so it’s a great place for a single person who wants to put down roots.


It’s easy to get discouraged if you’re tackling the property market as a single person. But if you look around the UK, there are so many viable options. Just remember, there are a lot of people in the same boat — so don’t be afraid to reach out for recommendations. 

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