Ask the expert: 5 things you can do to speed up the sale of your home

by Housesimple on 17th April 2016

How long it takes to sell a home depends on many different factors, including the condition of the local market and what type of property you are selling. But that doesn’t mean the speed of your sale is entirely out of your control. If you want to remain in the driver’s seat, there are things you can do to avoid stalling. Here are top tips on how to speed up your sale.

Deal with damp

Issues that are likely to appear on a survey, like damp, should be seen to as soon as you decide to sell your house. Damaged roofs or window frames, leaky pipes and rising damp are often to blame, so call in a professional to repair any structural issues before a survey can pick them up and affect your property valuation.

Prepare legal documents

Once you’ve accepted an offer, the conveyancing process can begin. Ultimately, the faster the conveyancing paperwork is completed, the faster the property can be exchanged. A solicitor can work their magic more quickly if you have all the documents they need available and ready to send to them. This information includes title deeds, utilities certificates and – if you’ve made any alterations – planning permissions.

Provide a rapid response

Once you accept an offer, the buyer’s solicitor will send a list of queries to your solicitor, which in addition to standard questions, like who the utilities providers are, may contain additional questions like when the property was last rewired. Aim to reply to these promptly, and in full, in order to speed up the final stages of your sale.

Do a local authority search

Chances are that your buyer will want to do a local authority search to rule out any plans to build a dual carriageway through the driveway, for example. Because these can take six weeks to come through, it may be worth paying for one and passing on the cost, normally between £70 and £400, to the buyer.

Keep up to date

By keeping up the pressure with regular phone calls you can keep tabs on the progress of your sale and deal with any issues quickly before they have the chance to cause delays. At, our dedicated sales progression team chase up paperwork, update your case file on a regular basis and provide information to vendors and buyers – all to help towards a smooth and successful sale.

Not only do we aim to get you a quick sale, we’ll also help you to get the best price possible – on average we secure 99% of the asking price. To find out more, sign up today. 

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