A round-up of the best proptech on the market

by Housesimple on 7th September 2017

August saw not one but two new banks open their doors with a view to invest in the proptech market. This move is hardly surprising – the industry is seriously hotting up, producing tools that are changing the way we buy, sell and live in our homes. Let’s take a  look at some of the latest pieces of tech available on today's market.

Virtual reality viewings

Social media has made it easier to show off your home than ever before with the likes of Facebook Live and Instagram. The next stage estate agents are experimenting with will let would-be buyers 'walk' around your property from the comfort of their living room. The recent launch of EYESPY Live delivers online viewers a 360° VR tour and lets agents join them via video chat to answer all their questions on the spot.

Robo advisers

Artificial Intelligence chatbots have already started to appear on property sites as a way of helping house hunters refine their search through a chat window. Recently, banking giant HSBC has even suggested that people could soon be receiving online mortgage advice from an AI in order to speed up the buying process. They may have to give it C3PO’s voice to gain everyone’s trust though.

Facial recognition

With landlords facing a raft of new legislation over the last few years, many will be pleased to hear that tech innovators have got their back. Startup Credas has developed real-time facial recognition software to help ensure agents comply with Right to Rent rules. There’s also talk of Nest developing a facial recognition secure entry system for homes to improve security in urban areas.

Smart buildings

Smart technology has already arrived, offering you control over light, temperature and music at the tap of a touchscreen. The latest developments focus on voice interactions and connectivity. The rise of Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant mean you can increasingly 'talk to' your home and issue instructions that can be passed onto connected devices (“boil the kettle”) or online services (“play my relaxation playlist”). If you’re selling a property, it’s also a handy way to arrange appointments and control your ambience with light and sound settings.

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