A room with(out) a view

by Housesimple on 17th August 2016

Not all houses are blessed with breathtaking panoramas. If the outlook from your property is less than inspiring, don't worry. A bad view is easy to deal with when selling your home. When your first potential buyers visit your property, throw your curtains wide and follow these tips.

Make your own view

If your window looks out onto a plain garden wall or fence, decorate it. Add lamps, hanging baskets, fairy lights and trinkets to create an attractive scene that buyers will want to look at.

Add a privacy screen

Privacy screens keep prying eyes out of your personal space, and are especially worthwhile having if your window is just a few feet away from your neighbour's. These work best with a bit of depth, for example in apartments with small balconies or homes with a small garden.

Decorate your window

Hang plants, wind chimes or other decorations in your window to draw potential buyers' attention away from the view. Flowers and potted herbs on the windowsill will also cheer up bleak urban scenes. These details will give the buyer something pleasant to look at, and can also stop people peeking in. Don't go over the top though – too much clutter can put off potential buyers, and can block natural light from entering your home.

Channel your dream view

Decorate your walls with prints, paintings or photographs of the view you wish you had. Try to stick to a theme in each room. For example, keep cityscapes and seaside scenes separate. Our property seller's guide to home staging has more tips on making your home look its best.

Negotiate with your neighbours

If your neighbour's untidy rose bush or broken fence is affecting the view from your windows, why not speak to them? It might be a touchy subject, so be as friendly as possible. Knock on their door, armed with baked goods and a big smile. Offer to do the work for them or pay for it to be done professionally. If your neighbour isn't very approachable, consider privacy screens and frosted windows instead.

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