8 things every seller needs to know before putting their home on the market

by Housesimple on 14th July 2015

Selling a home is not something to go into lightly. No matter what your reason for selling, it’s vital to get the maximum return on the investment you made on your property. Here are eight things you must know before you put your home on the market.


*Prices in the area: As much as you might have a value in mind for your property it’s important to consider that, in reality, the state of the market will determine the price that you are able to attract. By searching online you will be able to see how much houses in your street and wider area have sold for in recent weeks and months. Keep a close eye on this before you sell, it’ll give you a good idea of what to expect from a valuer.


*Local knowledge: As well as the prices in the area, make sure you’re aware of what’s around you. Remember, buyers are attracted to an area as well as a property. As well as your house, sell the area if you can – tell buyers about the shops, schools, pubs and transport links.


*Home truths: Before you go on the market you need to know how your house will be perceived. Try inviting friends and family members around and get them to help you pinpoint the weakness of your property. Sometimes a quick lick of neutral paint in the back bedroom can make a difference, for example, and fixing that leaking tap or creaking door can stop a bad impression from forming. Encourage people to be honest about your home. Buyers will, after all, not hold back. You need to be prepared for your home to be judged – and you can’t afford to let it get to you.


*Think digital: 95% of house buyers start their process online. Anyone selling any product needs to take stock of where their customers will be shopping and aim to reach them there. Your customer is online – and they’ll undoubtedly be going through a whole host of options. You need to give this customer everything they need – pictures (of every room), videos, plans – to keep up with your rivals.


*It’s not all about estate agents: Some people may just think there’s only one way to go about selling a home, but that’s absolutely not the case. Using an online agency can sidestep much of the hassle – and fees – involved with the sale of a property in an estate agent on the high street. Searching for a home has moved online in recent years, selling one is increasingly heading there too.


*What next: Where are you heading next? Do you have a property lined up already? Don’t put your home on the market without considering this or you might suddenly get an offer before you’re ready. Have a firm plan in place and make sure you’re comfortable.


*Ready to go: As well as being ready for your next move, you also need to be ready for the all-important viewings. That means you need to have the house clean and be available to let people in. Yes, you might still be living there but you cannot afford to let your standards slip. You will need to be in the selling mindset.


*Paperwork: You need to know where all the paperwork for your house is and have it to hand. Don’t wait and be left scrambling about trying to find an important document at the last minute. Anything that holds up a possible sale could prove very costly.


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