8 smart questions to ask your estate agent before selling your property

by Housesimple on 14th July 2015

When selling a home it makes good sense to enlist the services of an expert estate agent. It is possible to go it alone but that makes it tougher to navigate what, without assistance, can be a tricky process.

It’s important to compare estate agents carefully – especially if you’re selling a property for the first time. You need friendly experts on your side who you trust to handle this important transaction.

Once you’re ready, it’s time to sit down with an agent and see what they have to offer you. This means asking smart and insightful questions and making sure you’re happy with their responses. Here are a couple of suggestions to start you off…

It’s important to choose your estate agent wisely. They will be handling an important process on your behalf. Before you entrust your most prized financial asset in their hands, ask some smart questions and ensure you’re happy with their responses. Here are some suggestions to help you…

What are your fees?

Don’t sign up for an estate agent before you know the full cost of the estate agent fees. Make sure you know the total price you’re likely to pay for all of the services offered. With lower overheads, online estate agents can sell a home for a lower fixed fee and Housesimple don't have any fees at all.

How will we communicate?

Find out how you will interact with your estate during the sale. Will you have one point of contact? Can you reach them via email or do you need to call them? What hours are they available?

Is the property neutral enough?

Your estate agent will have plenty of experience of successful house sales. Tap into their knowledge bank – see if they can suggest ways to make your house more appealing to buyers. They can be a fresh pair of eyes and see things you will have missed.

What price can you sell the house for?

It’s important to take a lead from your estate agent on the price you will be able to achieve. Have a figure in mind yourself and see what their view is. Again, their expert knowledge should be crucial in this field.

What other houses do you have on the market in this bracket?

Try to gauge the state of the market by talking to your estate agent about the other homes they have on the market. It’ll be good to research the other properties in your price bracket and see how long they’ve been up for sale, what they have to offer and how many of them there are.

How quickly can you sell?

While it’d be impossible to say exactly how long it may take to sell your house, try to assess how quickly the estate agent thinks the process could be. They’ll have a good steer on how popular properties in your price bracket and geographical area are at the moment.

Can you recommend a conveyancer?

Most estate agents will be able to recommend someone to handle the paperwork required for the sale to go through properly. They may even know someone who charges reasonable fees and can give you a quick turnaround. Make sure you still get a couple of quotes though.

Where will you list?

You need to know where your estate agent will market your property. With virtually all house searches beginning online, you want to ensure your home will feature on all the major search sites in order to reach as many buyers as possible.

How much is your house worth?

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