5 Of The Best Houseboats On The River Thames

by Housesimple on 2nd August 2018

If you think living on a boat is a totally ridiculous idea, there’s a good chance you’ve never looked at house prices in London. The rising house prices have left many looking for alternative means of housing, so perhaps it’s no surprise that houseboats have been booming in popularity in recent years. Not only is it a more affordable living option for many, you don’t have to pay stamp duty, which makes it a more accessible path onto the property ladder.

But many people, when they hear the word houseboat, immediately start thinking of something dark and dank — well, you couldn’t be more wrong. Along the River Thames, you’ll see many stunning examples that look closer to a luxury penthouse flat than any boat you’ve ever seen — and some of them come with the same price tag. To get an idea of just how big and bold some people can go with their houseboat, take a look at some of the top boats along the Thames. From the ultra-rich to the cheap and cheerful, there's a huge range on offer.


This Multi-Million Luxury Boat In Chelsea

Just to show that living on a houseboat can be anything but roughing it, this boat takes water-dwelling to the next level. At over two million pounds, this three bedroom-room, three-bathroom boat moored in Chelsea has underfloor heating and CCTV. If you can afford the £27,000 mooring fee — you know, on top to the two million quid price tag — you can get  “unsurpassed views of the River Thames and Albert Bridge”, apparently. But you’d expect that from most boats, wouldn't you?


The Harpy Houseboat In Tower Bridge

If you think Tower Bridge is the best view in London — and it’s a pretty easy argument to make — then spending a night in The Harpy Houseboat may be your dream come true. But more than the amazing view this boat,  formerly the HMS Harpy, also provides four stunning bedrooms with four-poster beds, beautiful timber work, and even a little deck. No wonder it was a landing stage for King George V (seriously, it was).


A 2-Bedroom Stunner In Rotherhithe

Not all of best houseboats have to break the bank — this little 2-bedroom option offers you airy, stylish living for a very reasonable £330,000. Currently moored in Rotherhithe, it’s a taste of luxury that doesn’t lose that traditional nautical feel. Plus, with a bright reception room with plenty of space, you’ll be able to entertain all of your friends and convert them to your boating ways.


A Beyond-Spacious 5-Bedroom In St Katherine's Docks

When you start to think about how much bigger this boat is than your current flat, things can start to get depressing real quick. This remarkable 5-bedroom boat comes with the basics everyone needs — like a jet ski platform and a central atrium. It turns out the other half lives on the water, too. Looking at the pictures and having a snoop around may just make you think that a sailor’s life could be for you.


A 2-Bedroom With A Scandi Touch In Battersea

A boat with Scandi touch? There’s something weirdly warm and reassuring about this 2-bedroom boat in Battersea. With a 123-year mooring lease, you can enjoy the ample bedroom and sun deck for a long time to come. Plus, with easy access into central London, it’s a great option for commuters, while the beautifully detailed wood panelling will make you feel right at home.


A houseboat might seem a little out there for some, but many are finding it a great way to get on the housing ladder. Even if you can’t afford the ultra-luxurious offerings (and how many people could?), you can find some cool, chic options in a lot of different budgets. But living a houseboat comes with its own challenges and regulations, so make sure to do your research and make sure that life on the open sea is really for you before you make any big decisions.



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