4 clever tricks to maximise your space

by Housesimple on 1st December 2016

"How can I sell my house quickly and effectively?" It's a question we hear all the time here at HouseSimple.com. One of the most valuable tips we can offer is to ensure your home makes the right first impression at those all-important viewings by creating a bright, tidy and attractive environment to entice buyers.

Here are some tips to help you maximise the space in your property. Who knows – taking the time to bring out the best in each room might even boost your eventual sale price.

1. Declutter your rooms

For viewings, your home should become as much of a blank canvas as possible to allow a prospective buyer to imagine themselves living there. Try to limit family photographs and other personal knick-knacks. Keep hidden storage space in each room, so you can easily stow things away while staging your home. Clear surfaces to free up space and keep things looking neat.

2. Look on the bright side 

“I’m already selling my home, I don’t have time to redecorate”. We hear you. But darker colours can feel oppressive in a small space. If you repaint your walls in a clean, neutral hue this can have a dramatic effect on the perceived size and vibe of your rooms – particularly living rooms and bathrooms. Pure white can feel clinical, so go for a warmer cream or light grey.

3. Use mirrors

It’s a classic trick, but it works; mirrors create the illusion of extra space. Place mirrors in narrow and tight areas to trick the eye into thinking they’re much bigger. This is especially effective for bringing out the best in small bathrooms, as the reflective surfaces all work together to expand the space.

4. Rethink your furniture

Don’t waste valuable floor space with free-standing shelves or lamps. Where you can, mount things to the walls. If that isn’t possible, take a critical look at your current furniture layout. Is every piece necessary, or is that extra coffee table just in the way? Is there anything blocking the doorway? What could you move to let in more light? You’ll be surprised at the impact a few simple changes can have.

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