10 signs you're ready to sell up and move

by Housesimple on 31st March 2016

We all feel attached to our homes – after all, we’ve spent lots of time and effort perfecting them. But while it may be hard to say goodbye, moving house can bring many benefits, from more space for your growing family to better job opportunities.


If you’re struggling with the question “to move or not to move?”, here are ten giveaway signs that you're ready to relocate. 

1. Your bathroom queue is getting out of hand. Perhaps your teenagers are taking over, or you have more guests than before. Either way, lengthy waits for the bathroom are a sure indication that your family is out-growing your current house. 

2. You've Googled 'how to declutter' multiple times.** **There's only so much decluttering you can do within the space available. When your possessions simply won't fit, a larger property beckons.

3. **Your family is growing. **Ample space isn’t the only consideration for an expanding brood – local nurseries, schools and family-friendly activities also become high priorities.

4. **You have empty bedrooms**. On the other hand, your children may have flown the nest and you’re left with unused rooms. Downsizing is a good option if you want to make the most of your space – and save on bills.

5. You have too much time (or not enough) on your hands. From quiet country living to city socialising, location can have a big impact on your life. If you’re looking for a lifestyle change, whether it’s speeding up or slowing down, moving area could be just what you need.

6. Your longed-for **upgrades are impossible. **If you dream of a conservatory or swimming pool but there isn't room or planning permission to add these features to your current home, a new house could allow you to fulfil your property aspirations.

7. Your DIY list is never-ending. Some properties require lots of care and attention to keep them in good condition. But when you’ve done your fair share of DIY and you’d like to spend your weekends doing anything else, a low-maintenance property could be an attractive option.

8. You want to reduce your commute. A considerable commute can take its toll on even the most patient individual. While the decision to move job or home will take a lot of thought, if your career move offers long-term potential this could tip the balance in favour of relocating.

9. Your friends and family have moved on. Perhaps you've no longer got many ties to your local area. If it’s important to you to be close to family and friends, this could be the motivation to start searching for your next home.

10. Your return on investment is promising. If you’ve made improvements to your property that have significantly boosted its value, it could be beneficial to sell up – especially if the local market is strong. 

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