10 reasons your house isn’t selling

by Housesimple on 14th July 2015

Once your house goes on the market it can be quite nerve wracking and, if progress is not forthcoming, potentially frustrating too. If like the proverbial unboiling watched pot, you’re constantly checking a phone that never rings then it’s time to take stock.


Here’s 10 reasons why you might be struggling to sell your home…


Too expensive: It’s fairly common to price yourself out of the market. Using our house price map take another look at the homes in the area that have sold while yours remains on the market. What price did they fetch? Some buyers might well set a maximum price on their search and so miss yours out. Dropping the asking price, even by just a bit, might be effective to attract more house hunters. Bear in mind though, whatever price you drop to, a buyer will still want to negotiate so be careful not to go to your lowest possible level and leave yourself room to manoeuvre.


Photos: Almost everyone starts their search for a new property online these days and, with so much choice, you need to give the buyer as much information as possible to make an informed decision. Poor photos that don’t show your house in a good light or a lack of images might well stop people from even signing up for a viewing.


Time: It’s often said that it’s tougher to sell a house in the height of the summer – with people off enjoying their holidays – or the midst of winter, when the weather is gloomy and attentions turn to Christmas. That’s not to say that you can’t sell a property outside of those seasons – but it’s worth being aware that the season could play its part.


Personal: Try to ensure that your house isn’t overly ‘personal’. You might love your collection of teddy bears or unusual paintings, but you need to accept that not everyone will. Put these away into safe storage and allow buyers the chance to think about making their own use of the space.


Available: Make yourself available for viewings as often as possible. People will often line up a number of appointments at once – if you put someone off you’re in danger of allowing them to walk into the arms of another buyer.


Bombarding buyers: Once you get a viewing, don’t be overbearing. Allow someone time to view the property at their own pace and give them room to breathe. Going in too strong with the sales pitch, or overloading them with information, will simply put them off.


Learn lessons: Learn from the viewings you’ve had – if you’re always being asked the same questions then there’s probably a reason and potentially an issue to fix. Failure to learn from this will result in a failure to sell.


First impressions: Your first impression is vital. It’s easy to get your rooms in order and everything tidy while neglecting the outside – yet this will be the first thing your buyer sees. Get your front garden in shape, make sure the windows and doors are clean and don’t leave bins or rubbish where people will have to pass.


Pets: Your precious pooch might be your pride and joy but don’t let them dominate a viewing. Some people are nervous about animals and will be put off. Even if they’re an animal lover there’s a danger that their lasting impression won’t be of the home. People might also be put off if they think that carpets and furniture have been damaged by your pet. Keep them out of the way during a viewing – and make sure you give them a treat afterwards for behaving themselves.


Estate agent: You might be signed up to the wrong estate agent. Make sure you compare estate agents so you are getting the best service for the money you pay and, if not already, consider going online. Estate agents based solely on the web can deliver results quicker and cheaper than their traditional counterparts.

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